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Possibly the best game series ever made. With complex, intricate, psychologicaly challenging story-lines, creepy, melancholic environments, in game characters with life-like traits and emotions, and a stunningly beautiful, not to mention, very desolate soundtrack that will leave you speachless.
1.Silent Hill is the best game series ever.
2.Silent Hill 2 was a very depressing, dark game.
3.Silent Hill 4 was not as good as the 3 former.
by Brian September 06, 2005
A term used in modern electronic games, where characters fall limply and body parts interact with the environment after being killed. The goal of Ragdoll physics is creating more realistic corpses. This often results in cringes of horror, or bursts of laughter based on the corpses flipping or slumping. One of the earliest games employing Ragdoll physics is Hitman.
"I shot him in front of a railing, and because of ragdoll physics, he flipped over the railing and hit a chair."
by Brian November 04, 2004
Shortened version of the latissimus dorsi - the large muscles down the back
His lats are so wide, he's got wings and he can't even put his arms down
by Brian December 06, 2004
A highly acclaimed Broadway musical that, unfortunatley, I haven't seen (a problem with living on the other side of the country). However, the soundtrack is HELLA funny, and should be checked out by all.
What do you do witha B.A. in English, what is my life going to be? Four years of college and plenty of knowledge have earned me this useless degree! I cant pay the bills yet cause I've got no skills yet, the world is a big scary place!!!
by Brian July 29, 2005
All will be well or simple as that.
You go and ask for the job -- and he remembers your name -- and Bob's your uncle.
by Brian August 26, 2003
A music album that tells a story essentially. A rock opera will have many tracks on it, but they will all follow a storyline. Rock operas arent really "opera" music, but are generally rock. Just about anyone can like them, and the music is generally superb.
The first rock opera ever was Tommy, by The Who. Another great rock opera is The Wall, by Pink FLoyd.
by brian May 04, 2005
trying to get back the girl that got away...
"you dumped her, you want her back, you're spending your life Chasing Amy"
by Brian February 27, 2005

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