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6 definitions by Brian/Larry/Ziggy/Morpheus

To enter all of your poker chips on one hand.
When he saw he had a royal flush, Muhammed Ali went all in.
by Brian/Larry/Ziggy/Morpheus June 24, 2004
159 47
1. For women, it means it's time to start getting ready to leave.
2. For men, it's time to kiss your money goodbye!
1. Mother: Your date's here!
Daughter: Ok, tell him I'm going to get ready.
Mother: She'll be 45 minutes.

2. Roomate: Your date's here!
Guy: *sniff* I'm going to miss having a bank account...
by Brian/Larry/Ziggy/Morpheus July 21, 2004
31 16
Not living.

Severely lacking living processes, such as, but not limited to, breathing, beating heart, ect.
Bill got shot in the face, and it's at that time we realized he was dead.
by Brian/Larry/Ziggy/Morpheus June 28, 2004
57 42
Something that either your parents or grandparents or another memeber of your family tells you happens, but it actually doesn't. It's just to sucker you into doing the activity.
C'mon, help your grandmother adjust her girdle. It builds character!
by Brian/Larry/Ziggy/Morpheus July 07, 2004
11 6
An exclamation to God for some reason, usually in shock.
Person One:Good lord! I don't believe I ate that entire tub of bean dip!
Person Two:Fatass!
by Brian/Larry/Ziggy/Morpheus July 21, 2004
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When two people decide to fall in love, usually resulting in lots of stuff for the woman, loss of bank account for the man. It could also end up in marriage.
Woman: We should start a relationship.
Guy: I'm broke. Wait till I get paid.
by Brian/Larry/Ziggy/Morpheus July 21, 2004
118 139