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Marlboro Lights. Apparently all too popular with the lesser grade of woman.
by Brian X August 25, 2003
A somewhat overrated Bavarian beer purity law requiring beer to be made from barley, water, hops, yeast, and nothing else. Kept southern German beer at a high standard until 1987, and still honored by German brewers today even though the EU forced its repeal, but ran lots of northern German brewers (who made funky Belgian-style beers) out of business.
by Brian X July 09, 2003
The abuse of lawsuits and the legal system to harrass or intimidate a victim. A popular pastime in the United States.
Both the RIAA and the Church of Scientology have broken new ground in the field of barratry.
by Brian X August 27, 2003
An odd neologism created in an Oscar acceptance speech by Michael Moore. Backformation from "fictitious".
"Fictition"... I can't quite figure out what that one means. He obviously meant something slightly different from "fiction", but damn if I know what.
by Brian X October 26, 2003
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