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104 definitions by Brian X

The host of a syndicated daytime talk show that specializes in slutty teenagers. Tends to appeal to the same sort of crowd that photoshops Mary Kate and Ashley nudes. Was originally a male-bashing standup comic, but turned self-righteous and got rid of the boob job.
"So I was watching Jenny Jones, and this skanky little eleven-year-old was telling everyone how she slept with the entire Hicksville police department, including the women, and then fell out of her bra."
by Brian X June 24, 2003
32 8
A term created by sex columnist and liberal Dan Savage in the wake of the 2004 Presidential Election to describe the concentration of the political left in the United States near major cities and college towns in terms of islands of diversity in a sea of conformity. The implication is that the islands have their own interests to attend to and should disregard the sea.

It is thought that this exists because rural communities tend to be more isolated from other cultures than urban communities, and because people tend to leave the rural world for an education in urban areas and not go back.

The original article can be read at www.urbanarchipelago.com.
Although I'm not completely on board with the idea of the Urban archipelago, the idea of cities as islands is certainly a talking point.
by Brian X November 19, 2004
36 16
The greatest political comic strip ever. Gave the world Opus the Penguin and disappeared after the first Bush administration.
Berkeley Breathed, where the hell have you gone?
by Brian X July 01, 2003
28 8
A mid-length, fluffyish mullet associated with hockey players, especially those from Canada and Eastern Europe in the 1990s. Compare football hair.
Now that's something you don't see anymore -- that guy's got the old-school hockey hair. Business in front, beating in the back.
by Brian X December 16, 2007
67 48
The funny version of Garfield.
Now you gotta love any strip with a cat named Bucky who puts dents in everything... unless of course you're a Red Sox fan.
by Brian X July 01, 2003
41 22
A popular beverage drunk late at night in Chinatowns across the US and Canada; not to be confused with iced tea. Commonly the tea drunk is of unusual origins, such as St. Louis or Milwaukee, sometimes even Toronto. One peculiarity of such tea is that it often seems to be carbonated; the secret for doing this seems to be widely known, but has never been revealed.
3 AM. Miserable rainy night and the late-night diner is closed for renovations this week. Time to head over to Harrison Ave for some cold tea.
by Brian X October 14, 2006
38 21
A term used by ham radio operators as a term of respect for a deceased ham. Comes from the Morse code prosign SK, which means "end of transmission".
W1AW went silent key many years ago, but the ARRL that he founded still uses his callsign to identify their station.
by Brian X January 12, 2005
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