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An object mounted inside a computer that holds data. Not to be confused with the computer itself, the hard drive in the average desktop computer is made of metal and is about the size of a mass-market paperback book.
He said he was having a problem with a port on the hard drive... of course he'd actually blown the controller chip on his USB card and the hard drive was just fine. I didn't know whether to applaud the fact that he knew what the problem was or cry because he still didn't know the right words for it.
by Brian X October 21, 2003
Wealthy people whose political beliefs are nominally on the left side of the spectrum, but tend to have a rather hypocritical view of liberal agendas, being happy to write checks but unwilling to support them once they start affecting their private schools and gated communities.
Limousine liberals are the kind that silly old saying refers to when it says "if you're not a conservative by 30 you have no brain". If you're going to be a knee-jerk NIMBY, you may as well be a conservative, no matter how you vote.
by Brian X September 28, 2003
The host of a syndicated daytime talk show that specializes in slutty teenagers. Tends to appeal to the same sort of crowd that photoshops Mary Kate and Ashley nudes. Was originally a male-bashing standup comic, but turned self-righteous and got rid of the boob job.
"So I was watching Jenny Jones, and this skanky little eleven-year-old was telling everyone how she slept with the entire Hicksville police department, including the women, and then fell out of her bra."
by Brian X June 24, 2003
1. Shorthand for the Bela Lugosi/Ed Wood movie that held the title "Worst of all Time", even though "Manos" was worse and "Battlefield Earth" eclipsed it.
2. The sequel to Unix. Nobody's ever heard of it, but apparently it's pretty cool.
by Brian X May 03, 2003
The greatest political comic strip ever. Gave the world Opus the Penguin and disappeared after the first Bush administration.
Berkeley Breathed, where the hell have you gone?
by Brian X July 01, 2003
The funny version of Garfield.
Now you gotta love any strip with a cat named Bucky who puts dents in everything... unless of course you're a Red Sox fan.
by Brian X July 01, 2003
Slutty, in the sense of rounded heels for easy positioning on the back. Archaic, but rather useful. Think of a skanky weeble.
by Brian X September 11, 2003
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