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A Fark cliche created during the Christmas 2003 season. Refers to the archetypical dumb corporate Christmas bonus.
"I swear I'm going postal if I get another hot cocoa sampler box this year."
by Brian X February 07, 2004
American beer the way it's supposed to taste, or one interpretation thereof.
by Brian X July 01, 2003
A catering truck, especially one which frequents blue collar places of work; generally a modded pickup truck with insulated diamond-pattern doors covering a refrigerator case and a warmer unit with attached griddle.
"Naw, we wait till the roach coach comes around at 12:15 to take our lunch breaks around here."
by Brian X April 18, 2004
The very definition of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, 25GB of data storage and the ability to record four hours of high definition video, all on a disc the same size as a DVD or CD. On the other hand, DRMed to the teeth and boobytrapped to boot.
You don't think $750 for a Blu-Ray drive is too much, do you? I got some movies to make.
by Brian X January 07, 2007
Curvaceous. Zaftig. Well-endowed. Aria Giovanni as opposed to Calista Flockhart.
Buxom? 34D at least...
by Brian X January 07, 2004
As referenced in South Park, a low-pitched sound that can cause someone to crap their pants. May also be used to refer to any infrasound note that can create disorientation, nausea, etc.
I'm not so sure using the brown note on those protesters was a good idea. They're still rioting and now they smell like they need a diaper change.
by Brian X July 04, 2004
One of the coolest grocery stores in existence -- home of two buck chuck, the Pound Plus chocolate bar, and some of the most creative TV dinners in the known universe.
by Brian X July 09, 2003

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