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29 definitions by Boo

A dude who act like a playa or like he sumthin but really got nothin. A broke guy with no job, no car, no girl..etc

A loser with nothing to offer a woman.
( I dont want no nasty scrub )
( Has nothin to offer me )
by Boo February 19, 2005
Rich Bitch- Chick usually young who got lots of dough , usually over 6 figures and flaunts it.
Girl who flaunts money , cars , status etc..
Heiress's , Paris Hilton.
by Boo February 19, 2005
Assistance that low class/poor/broke males females get in order to eat every month.
Damn dont be messin with him , he gets foodstamps.
by Boo February 19, 2005
1. The word commonly used by the character homer simpson of the simpsons. Used when done something idiotic.
A = "I sold the car for 22 dollars"
B = "It was a BMW!!!"
A = "DOH!"
by Boo October 19, 2003
a beautiful wealthy , typically young adult girl who inherits some form of wealth from her family or another person close to her.
paris hilton is an heiress
by Boo February 19, 2005
New title given to George Bush by the Latvians; posters with his face and "Welcome, Peace Duke!" were plastered all over the country during his recent visit.

"Peace Duke" sounds just like "PIZDHUK" in Slavic languages, which is an obscenity that translates roughly to:

-- Little Cunt
-- Cunt-Lapper
-- Cunt Dweller

Sounds, and implies, something like the English "Piss-ant" but much nastier!
"Welcome, PEACE DUKE!"
by boo May 18, 2005
A RPG game which is quite fun, but very unbalanced between each characters in terms of power. The ppl that "pwns" seems to be trojans who can 1 hit ko anyone in the game. It's also messed up with massive "DB" buyers which gave the buyers the ability to get "full super"
I played Conquer Online.
by Boo March 30, 2005