29 definitions by Boo

when you can't remember the word you're trying to remember
what was the word again?
by boo October 13, 2004
a giggling idiot; one who cannot stop laughing
Shh! Stop being a Lindley or we'll get points at this Quaker meeting!
by boo May 19, 2003
noun, short for "underpants"
How now, brown cow /
Wow! I see your u-trou.
by boo October 19, 2004
Action or behavior similar to that of a knob, thought not necessarily implying that one is a knob.
Tom thinks his idea of good music rocks, and he thinks everything else sucks. That's really knobbish.
by boo January 05, 2005
the black version of the white boy name "Devon"
Girl I just fucked Da'Vaun and it was the worst sex I ever had... shoulda stuck with that Devon white boy foo'
by boo March 02, 2005
When you have such low riding and phat leg shorts (and your dick dangles so low) that you can just stand nonchalantly in the gutter and take a piss straight down the inside of your pants leg, not get a drop on your pants, and nobody even suspects you're taking a piss.
Yo, I can't believe you shizzled yo' pizzle right there in front of the White House.
by boo October 21, 2004
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