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While having anal sex you look into a mirror and watch until you are about to cum. Pull out, proceed to cum all over the partner's face and while they are finding this amusing and completely stunned, smash them over the head with the mirror.

warning this may cause minor head injuries
i double image cummed your mom last night. and she did the same to me.
by Bobbe October 21, 2007
This the act of taking your dog into a sex session with you. The male is railing the woman(or other man) through the anus while the one taking it is sucking on the dogs penis/vagina. They then switch positions, railing the dog up the ass and having the dog suck your dick. (This is usually accomplished by applying large amounts of peanut butter to your hairy blundering cock muffin.)
Jim: Yo Joe, sup?
Joe: Animal rights. thats whats up.. i tried this sweet fetish last night with my girlfriend. Animal rights.
Jim: Whats that? sounds kinky! :)
Joe: Well i was basically railing her while she sucked bingo's dick.
Jim: What the fuck is wrong with you...?
by Bobbe October 21, 2007
This is an extremely sexual move in which one partner, usually the male, takes a knife and cuts open the other partners stomach, removing the intestines. Making a noose from the intestines, partner 1 hangs partner 2 from it and performs surgery to take out the calf muscle. As partner 1 struggles to hold on to life, partner 2 quickly smashes partner 1 in the head multiple times, often causing partner one multiple head injuries including: concussion, cancer, diarrhea, and most commonly, aids.
"i was fucking jen last night dude! it was awesome.. things were great ...until she got crazy... it went from blowing my hard cock to a ludwig von striceand.. and i didn't have calf protection....we now both have aids..and she's suffering from cancer and a concussion. and she's dead."

--**This move is often found in porn.**--
by Bobbe October 20, 2007
The act of a very horny male/female seeking out their partners work building, and in a sexual manner, blowing it up. ( usually using c4 explosives. ) when the building collapses the partner finds their sex buddy and performs a ludwig von striceand.
I am feeling SO horny, and i have some extra dynamite lying around... hey jill, wanna blow job?
by Bobbe October 20, 2007

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