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This is an extremely sexual move in which one partner, usually the male, takes a knife and cuts open the other partners stomach, removing the intestines. Making a noose from the intestines, partner 1 hangs partner 2 from it and performs surgery to take out the calf muscle. As partner 1 struggles to hold on to life, partner 2 quickly smashes partner 1 in the head multiple times, often causing partner one multiple head injuries including: concussion, cancer, diarrhea, and most commonly, aids.
"i was fucking jen last night dude! it was awesome.. things were great ...until she got crazy... it went from blowing my hard cock to a ludwig von striceand.. and i didn't have calf protection....we now both have aids..and she's suffering from cancer and a concussion. and she's dead."

--**This move is often found in porn.**--
by Bobbe October 20, 2007
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