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To be doing something because you don't have any other choice, or because you are too meek and let someone else make choices for you.
Bob is chained to terrible soap operas every night because his wife always insists they watch them.

Pat is chained to working long hours because he doesn't have the guts to quit his job and get a better one.
#chain #choice #meek #whipped #owned
by Bloopy July 04, 2006
A person who is a member of WWOOF.
The countryside is crawling with wwoofers.
#organic #farm #work #international #workers
by Bloopy October 06, 2005
A man who rapes or beats his nephews and nieces or other children, or treats children like dirt. Originally a character from the book Once Were Warriors by Alan Duff, which was also made into a movie.

A man who asked 5 boys in his care to call him "Uncle Bully" was recently arrested for assault.
You're no better than Uncle Bully, I should cut your dick off!
by Bloopy April 09, 2005
Predominant, but specifically in terms of pondering instead of dominating. Something which has a monopoly or superior influence on your thoughts or senses, even though other things of the same type might exist.
The humans trapped in the Matrix were mostly unaware that the preponderant universe they experienced was digital.

To most people these days, Tiger Woods is the preponderant golfer.

The preponderant city shrouded its population in a blanket of smog, allowing them to forget that other cities even existed.
#predominate #ponder #dominate #superior #influence #monopoly
by Bloopy March 10, 2008
Slang for marijuana. (Normal puha is actually a plant eaten by the Maori people of New Zealand)
Yous fellas wanna hit the electric puha? I've been harvesting my crop au!
#marijuana #weed #puha #cannabis #joint
by Bloopy January 29, 2006
A vehicle similar to the Humvee. A Mumvee is the next logical step above the SUV, and is always driven by Moms. The most offroad driving a Mumvee ever does is when picking up children from school. See also: MILF Mobile
The Mumvee is such a large vehicle compared to the SUV, that you could crash into a skyscraper and topple it without any injury to your children in the back seat.
by Bloopy April 09, 2005
A slab-shaped chocolate bar manufactured in the city of Porirua, New Zealand, by the Whittaker's company
I haven't had a Peanut Slab in a while.
by Bloopy April 09, 2005
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