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71 definitions by Bloopy

The fear of being convicted of a crime you didn't commit, especially a major one resulting in jail time or perhaps even the death penalty. From Greek lanthasmenos meaning wrong or mistaken, and katadiki meaning conviction.
After all the serious false accusations made by his ex-wife, Bob started to suffer from lanthasmenokatadikophobia.
by Bloopy September 09, 2010
When it's unclear whether something is shameful or shameless. You may feel shameful after committing a shameless act, or vice versa. Formed using shame and ambiguous.
The obese man felt shamebiguous after running down the street naked.

Sarah felt shamebiguous for slapping her sleazy boss in public.
by Bloopy March 03, 2010
1. Taking something fundamental and applying it in practice. A combination of the words fundamental and implementation.

2. Taking something ordinary and making it fundamental.
The programmers completed fundamentation of their code before adding minor features and details on top.

The political party undertook some major fundamentation of their financial policies to gain support and show they had a solution when the markets were in crisis.
by Bloopy November 18, 2008
1. A person who is ambidextrous, specifically with their feet. Derived using the Latin word pes, which means feet. They are equally skilled at using either their left or right foot, which can provide an advantage in sports such as surfing, soccer, and the triple jump in athletics.

2. The ability of someone to perform skilful tasks with their feet such as writing and eating with chopsticks, by holding things between their toes.

3. A car where either the left or right headlight works, but not both at the same time. Based on the word pediddel, which means a car with only one working headlight.
The English athlete Jonathan Edwards was pedidextrous, and his unbeaten world record triple jump in 1995 was the first to exceed 60 ft.

Yesterday my car's left headlight wasn't working. Today it's the right one. It must be pedidextrous.
by Bloopy May 22, 2008
An unspecified object or thing in the bathroom, as coined in the works of Robert A. Heinlein.
Can you hand me that querafancible?

Sorry, I knocked your querafancibles all over the bathroom floor.

There's a sale at the local drug store, querafancibles are half price!
by Bloopy May 22, 2008
A penis as large as a big French breadstick.
I used my grande baguette to give Anna Nicole Smith her first stretch marks since the great disappearing chocolate cake mystery of 2001.
by Bloopy April 11, 2005
The past tense of lash out. When someone is made a complete fool of, or totally embarrasses themselves.
Geoff got so lashed out in choir today, they went to sing in front of the girls' school and the fly on his trousers was undone the whole time.

Ahahahahaa lashed out!
by Bloopy April 09, 2005