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A large, ripped opening, usually caused by violent force.
I walked out of the store only to find that there was now a giant gash in the side of my car, and a guy running across the parking lot with an axe in his hand.
by BlastMaster June 19, 2003
1. A bullet consisting of a full metal jacket around a lead core. 2. A spherical lead projectile fired from muzzle-loading weapons.
1. Most of the WWII surplus ammo you will find is ball ammo.
2. Load the powder, the patch, and then the ball.
by BlastMaster May 18, 2003
A regenerative radio reciever built by Westinghouse in the early 1920's. The RC consisted of the RA (reciever) and DA (amplifier) units placed in one enclosure.
The Westinghouse RC was one of the first radios produced for home use.
by BlastMaster June 06, 2003
A company that produced radio equipment during the early 1920's.
I saw a Paragon amplifier on eBay for an outrageous amount of money.
by BlastMaster June 06, 2003
Acronym for:

Rolling On The Stupid Fucking Floor Laughing My God Damn Mother Fucking Piece-Of-Shit Son-Of-A-Bitch Ass All The Way The Fuck Off!
"You cum bubble from an elephant's butt..."
"lol!!! rotsfflmgdmfpossoabaatwtfo!!!"
by BlastMaster May 03, 2004
Short for "System International." Also known as the Metric System.
The SI system makes more sense than the English system. It should be officially adopted by the US, but we Americans are too lazy for change.
by BlastMaster June 12, 2003
Short for oscilloscope
The scope will help you find the source of that interference.
by BlastMaster January 28, 2004

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