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A sniper rifle firing the .338 Lapua Magnum round (not .50 caliber, Cherokee Jack, you idiot). The most powerful weapon in the popular game, Counter Strike, which is a favorite of infantile morons and people who would thank themselves for graduating to Day of Defeat
by BlastMaster June 19, 2003
Sabot Light Armor Piercing (projectile)
A projectile consisting of a small bullet (ie .308 cal.) held by a sabot so that it may be fired at extremely high speed from a larger bore (ie .50 cal.)
Use a SLAP round when you assassinate Carrot Top!
by BlastMaster May 18, 2003
Past tense of "eat" used by illiterate mountain folk.
Pappy: Now wher'd all dem berries go?
Junior: I et 'em!
Pappy: Aw you dun got yerself a whippin'!
Junior: No, Pappy! I promise it won't never happen ag'in!
by Blastmaster June 17, 2003
Radio term for "Distance."
-At night this set will pull in some great DX with a decent antenna.

-I stayed up all night DX'ing
by BlastMaster September 21, 2003
A small metal tube protruding from the breech of a muzzle loading firearm, used to hold a percussion cap so that it may be struck by the hammer and ignite the powder.
Place a cap on the nipple and draw the hammer back, aim, and fire.
by BlastMaster June 12, 2003
A trademark appearing on vacuum tubes manufactured by National Union.
by BlastMaster June 19, 2003
A German railway cannon used during World War II. The Dora cannon had a bore of 800mm and fired high explosive shells that were disigned to penetrate several meters deep into any surface. This cannon was cabable of knocking out ammunition storage areas deep under ground. This cannon was so large that it had to run on two sets of tracks, and it could only be turned when there was a turn in the tracks (the gun did not have a turret or similar device). The Dora cannon no longer exists. When the Allies found it, it was in pieces.
The only good that came from Hitler's reich was a multitude of awesome weapons, one being the Dora cannon.
by BlastMaster May 16, 2003

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