16 definitions by Billybob

People with to much money that usually have a very good plastic surgent.
What can I do for you today Pamela Anderson. I need a size ZZ.
by Billybob March 15, 2005
a myserious sound made by special, talented, and magical creatures; for magical creatures, its a skill.
the Liger went "GAPPABAMABOO!"
by Billybob March 28, 2005
Having great elevation.
That kite went quite high Johnny!
by Billybob October 23, 2004
someone with an abundance of goggles in the cupboard under the stairs
haha look a that fool with all those goggles. gogglers r freeks
by billybob January 03, 2004
The use of animal feces as a sexual lubricant, preferrably canine diarrhea.
My friend Daniel is such a Muggler, he followed Fifi around all day looking for some diarrhea.
by BillyBob April 18, 2005
Slang for incest between father and son.
Dude pac'ed his sun everyday til they arrested him.
by BillyBob April 03, 2005
This word describes a 21 century automotive craze of combining vehicles, in this case, a Sport Utility Vehicle & a Truck - SUC
Brand new to the showroom, the new Avalanch, with the latest is SUC styling
by BillyBob March 13, 2004
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