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To grow your body to massive porportions.
Dude!!!, that fucker is yolked, he must be on roids!!
by BillyBob April 03, 2005
To be worn out or tore up.
That chicks pussy is so beat up, she did the whole football team.
by BillyBob April 03, 2005
An epidemic of homosexuality causing desire of anal holes and other round penetrable surfaces not preordained by nature
Dude, that's gay! You must have fagocytosis.
by Billybob April 12, 2005
It's when you're bangin your ho while watching a football game and eating a pizza.
I was doing my bitch Mosca style when the Rams scored the winning touch down yo.
by billybob October 05, 2004
sexy object of lust/desire
what a rhyz!
by billybob July 10, 2003
To press or click on a button on the Internet. Redneck slang from South Georgia.
Bubba said I need to mash dat buddon to get that there internet to work.
by BillyBob April 03, 2005
People with to much money that usually have a very good plastic surgent.
What can I do for you today Pamela Anderson. I need a size ZZ.
by Billybob March 15, 2005

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