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Sexual position, Sexual actions
A Sixty nine (69) with a male and a Female.... Except the male has his two fingers in her asshole!!!
by Billy March 23, 2005
Out of sorts, or on drugs.
He was so tweaked that he didn't know whether he was coming or going.
by Billy March 11, 2003
1) v. - to pretend to be very trustworthy and turn around and steal something(s) from supposed friend(s).

2) adj. - to be extremely greedy and cheap, and disregard any needs of anyone around you. Also see Klondike
1) Hey you here what happened to RedKnights, apparently TheCoolness mizziked clan storage.

2) I haven't eaten in 2 days, just let me have that Klondike bar, quit being a mizzike.
by billy May 05, 2005
The cuss word that Eric Cartman says in Southpark: Bigger Longer and Un-Cut.
Sadam Hussein is a massive dogshit taco.

Matt Nolting eats many of dogshit tacos daily.
by Billy May 03, 2005
Used to describe a girl with amazing breasts.
That girl in the tank top is breastacular.
by Billy August 20, 2004
Acronym for: As Soon As God Damn Mother Fucking Possible, Bitch.
I need those 1085 forms ASAGDMFPB!
by Billy January 20, 2005
Vagina. Derogotary punjabi term to describe a womans genitalia.
Tera puda de vich me lun lagasa
by Billy January 25, 2005

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