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The first game in the Final Fantasy series to leaved the Nintendo console and the creation of "cut-scenes" (scenes where heavy computer graphics help embellish the story-line). This book is also inside of the Guiness Book of World records for its incredible sales.

Many people call this game over-rated. It's not over-rated, people are just sick of hearing how good it is or just rebels with a cause to start frivolous arguments. If people come past that they'll acknowledge how the side quests (adventures the party goes on that isn't a requirement of completing the game) really help garnish the story. In order to know the ENTIRE story, the side quests must be completed. Though the side quests are nearly infinite, it's a fantastic way for Final Fantasy gamers to know the entire history behind EACH character. This is rare in RPGs since the minority party members are usually in the background and nothing to help embellish their character.

Final Fantasy VII is arguibly the best game in it's class. Paying attention to the story-line and not negative comments on this will tell you this.
Square-Enix's Final Fantasy III/VI, II
by Billy March 20, 2005
Any women that tells you lies to get your money or property.
All the bitches on Joe millionair.
Laura P.
by Billy November 27, 2003
Masturbating 26.2 times in a single day.
When I heard Todd was going to attempt a masturbathon, I bought stock in Kleenex.
by Billy November 14, 2002
another word for a penis
wow look at the size of my hard tallywacker
by billy February 03, 2003
N: a 12 gauge shotgun created by HK (Heckler and Koch), based off the M1 shotgun with the added ability to be set to full auto, in pump it can fire all standard ammunition as well as gas grenades flares and non lethal ammunition.
It can hold 7 shells at a time; Its over all length is 41 inchs (1,041.4 mm) with stock unfolded and 31 inchs (787.4 mm) with it folded in, It is 2.25 (57.15 mm) inchs wide and 7.25(184.15 mm) inchs tall. the barrel length its 19.75(501.65 mm) inchs, and it wieghs 7.6 pounds(3.45 kg) when empty (no ammo).
by Billy November 05, 2003
To castrate in a non-medical procedure, usually as a result of anger
When Jane found Artie in bed with her best friend, Steve, she unloaded her .38 revolver into Artie's chest and bobbited Steve with the penknife she that was on the nightstand.
by Billy January 26, 2003
FuckAssBitchCuntNiggerJew - The Most Extreme Explitive You Could Ever Say.
Usually Used When Something Goes Totally Wrong.
"Dude u broke the window" "FuckAssBitchCuntNiggerJew!"
by Billy April 21, 2005

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