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A stupid white kid who tries to be black and wears doo-rags, puffy jackets, long chains, raps and speaks like they came from a ghetto. Most "wiggers" are from rich mainly white neighbourhoods and have perfect familys.
Wigger#1: Yo nigga holla at me when yo see meh in da streets.
Wigger #2: G-g-G-g-G-g UNIT!! ight dawg. Check out mah new heat yo.. It's mah Supah Soakah XP twenyfah.
Wigger #1: Speakin o' twenyfah.. it's twenyfah to 7 o'clockizzle.. i betta b headin to my criby dib dizzle befow my mam n ma dad get mad yo.
by Billy July 06, 2004
a TotalFark acronym standing for Link Goes Nowhere. Usually used to start a thread that is not based on a link.
What's your catch phrase? LGN
by billy January 06, 2005
Skeevy skeevy and dirty.
That Hibashira sure is skeevy and dirty.
by Billy March 10, 2005
Main Entry: socko
Pronunciation: 'sä-(")kO
Function: adjective
Etymology: 2sock
Date: 1938
: strikingly impressive, effective, or successful : OUTSTANDING
this fool above me got no clue what this word means he really not socko! damn
by Billy January 28, 2005
Stands for Future Ho's of America. Some little 12-17 yr old girl who thinks dat she is da shiznit. She walks,talks,dresses and acts like an extrere Ho.
Hey dawg, look at that F H A over there. She is gonna be one fine ass ho in a couple of years.
by BILLY July 12, 2004
Very inexpensive weed, usually located in the inner city and used by People of Color.
Shit, that down town brown was only 20 dollars an eighth.
by Billy March 20, 2005
Russian owner and operator of "Lugash's Gas Bar and Garage" who's motto is "It's probably sparkplug!"
Alexi: "Hey Lugash... my car... she won't start."
Lugash: "It's probably sparkplug"
by Billy December 22, 2004

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