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Most beautiful intelligant girl alive, has few enemies, speaks her mind, isn't a jealous person, always happy even through the toughest times, is straighter than straight, short, skinny, best cheerleader known to man, and is always there for her best friends.
Ericka: "Best friend I love you and I'll always be there for you.. No doubt in my mind"
by "The Hurricane" November 17, 2008
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Strong willed and will not back down when she knows what's right. She's unafraid of conflict when passionately defending her stance. She is friendly to all and keeps many allies. However, she is not one to willingly jump on the bandwagon. She will make up her own mind and passionately stand behind her ideas.
Anyone sharing the name "Ericka", will somehow realize that her destiny was meant to be somewhat different from the "Erica" and even "Erika" that exists.

She will rarely find a keychain with her name upon it. She will find that while she has such an average name, it is far from average. She will spell it out many times when talking to any school teacher, and eventually,almost any agency on the phone.

However, what she will find is that she will be different in a brilliant way. A person named Ericka will be determined to prove themselves. She will be succesful and hard-working, always striving to be the best. If nothing else, the constant need to spell her name right will determine her patience and tolerance for others. Nonetheless, Erickas will be patient and understanding people, always loving to others.

In life, eventually a person named "Ericka" will find themselves in a position of leadsership. Some will embrace this, some may not. This, in the end, depends on the personality, not the name.
by ErickaUnknown October 22, 2011
Beautiful, intelligent, independent, strong willed, but sweet spirited. Never met a stranger. Keeps friends for life! Has a very strong love for family and is a fantastic sister! Loves everything Disney. Her favorite colors are purple and sea foam green. She has a strong draw to the Ocean. Will get the guy, the Castle, and the best dress in the end.
Ericka is like a mix of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, Super Nanny and Pollyanna. She's should've been born in the 50's.
by TinkerBelle82 February 02, 2010
Sweet, incredible, not sexy but she's the meaning of beautiful
Not spoiled but gets everything she wants
Loves everyone
ericka: ohh, i'm so ugly.......
really hot guy: no you aren't! your absolutely gorgeous, princess!!
by eriiiiiii November 12, 2008
A truly dynamite gal, though you could tell her over and over and she'd never believe it. Her beauty knows no bounds, and you could stare into her deep eyes for hours. Her personality is like nothing you've ever seen, simultaneously sweet and tenderhearted, while sarcastic and hilarious. Her long brown hair will hit you as she walks past, but you'll love it every time it happens. She's truly a girl you could never live without, and that you would do anything to see happy. You'd love her forever.
1: "you see Ericka walking there?"
2: "Yeah, all the guys are after her, but she'd never know it."
by Definitely Not Ben89 December 15, 2013
Is the hotest big butt an has a friend named MEGAN OVERBAY!!!! i love her
by pottylicious October 22, 2011

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