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Noun- A person of Chinese decent who embraces the black urban culture.
Chigga please!, you ain't be up in my face!
by BigWillyStyle August 24, 2004
Period of time that elapses when two males stand next to each other at a urinal to pee. This extended elapsed time before the piss comes out only occurs because of the presence of the stranger next to you and disappears when the muscles finally relax (or the other person leaves).
I stood at the urinal for 5 minutes because i had stage fright.
by BigWillyStyle August 24, 2004
Stands for Driving While Black. A typical crime in wealthy suburbs. This crime is committed when a person of African decent is in an automobile and mistakenly drives into one of these towns.
Tyrone was driving through Clark obeying all local laws, but was pulled over because he was DWB.
by BigWillyStyle August 24, 2004
Verb- The contraction of the ass sphincter to prevent an enormous shit from ejecting from the anus. The contraction usually takes place when the turd is slightly popped out. This contraction causes the turd to return inside the anus. Analogous to the motions of a prarie dog (hence the name) that sticks its head out of the ground and goes back into it.
Man i have to shit so bad that i'm prarie dogging.
by BigWillyStyle August 24, 2004
Noun - Music that is really good and pleases the listener. (also can be spelled phat tunes)
Yo man, those are some fat tunes.
by BigWillyStyle August 24, 2004
Specific name for someone's mouth when they are engaged in ridiculously excessive amounts of whining.
Stop whining and shut your cryhole.
by BigWillyStyle August 24, 2004
Stands for "typical fuckin nigger". Classified as a person of African decent who acts like a roudy, ghetto, ignorant idiot.
Only friggin TFN walk around with that FUBU clothing, eat fried chicken, and listen to that loud ass rap.
by BigWillyStyle August 24, 2004

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