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the stupidest thing ever. all it does is show that u have no trust in whoever ur with
if ur jealous of ur best friend talking to ur boyfriend....advice? get over it and trust ur boyfriend and BFF coz shes the best and only ull ever have....sorry john< and cristina!!! i love u guys foever. and i trust u with everything i have.
by becky December 01, 2004
When you can't take your eyes off of something or a person
Twisted Method
Sebastian Bach
Acey Slade
by Becky August 12, 2004
infertile man, dead sperm.
they wanted a baby, but all he could do was shoot blanks due to all the years of snorting coke
by becky February 25, 2004
when a guy gets a gurl up against da wall and fucks her
he gangsta fuckd me hard!
by becky June 25, 2004
dipshit:someone that is absolutely stupid and says tje stupidest things.
becky:when is spring break?
mia:omg! ure a dipshit

what my dad calls me
by becky February 26, 2005
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