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a snobby stuck up brat who thinks just because they have alot of money and wear name brand shit there all that.most preps are on sports teams and a fan of tight ugly cloths that they cant even breath in short shorts
ugly tops that raveles way more then ppl wanna c. there always talking about shoes and how they are the best and there life is so grand and how everyone looks up to them well honeslty the only way i look up to preps or even look at preps is when im thinking about them dead in that little cascet.
have u ever heard somone say "omg i broke a nail" well who ever the hell says that get as far away from them as possable because they suck!
by becky February 14, 2004
one of the greatest bands and anyone one who says they are gay actually URE the gay one. they could kick ure ass at anything so dont even try! and i bet all y people that say they r gay havnt even heard any other songs besides maybe im not okay and helena so SHUT UP!
In the middle of a gun fight...
In the center of a restaurant...
They say, "Come with your arms raised high!"

back home, off the run
singing songs that make you slit your wrists
it isn't that much fun, staring down a loaded gun
so i won't stop dying, won't stop lying
if you want i'll keep on crying
did you get what you deserve?
is this what you always want me for?

Another knife in my hands
A stain that never comes off the sheets
Clean me off
I'm so dirty babe
The kind of dirty where the water never cleans off the clothes
I keep a book of the names and those
by becky February 26, 2005
A noun now used as an adjective, something crazy or poserish, something that is stupid yet funny.
OMG, that long sparkly puke-green skirt is so keelie.
by Becky April 19, 2005
people who fuckin' rock.
Henry and I are so rican.
by Becky July 29, 2004
Half regular Wawa Coffee and half Cappacino (reg or vanilla) or one of those carmel or mocha Caps they got now. Removes the need to put cream & sugar in the coffee.
person: do ya want something from Wawa?
me: Yeah, coffee. Half reg, hald vanilla cap.
by Becky April 18, 2005
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