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68 definitions by Becky

When you eat peanut butter and it gets stuck on your teeth and in your throat, then you try to say something and it's pretty hard because of all the peanut butter.
Tina: Hey, what's up?
Bo: Mmmmm Bmmymmm
Tina: Huh?
Bo: Bmmmymmm mmmmm
Tina: Oh, lol, you have a bad case of the butteryappers!
by Becky May 18, 2005
6 0
When two men are having anal sex and making porpoise noises, they are brown porpoising.
I heard two men brown porpoising the other night. I was quite perturbed.
by becky April 12, 2005
8 2
A left-wing West-Coast-oriented online DVD rental alternative to netflix which rents arthouse, gay, x-rated, foreign, etc. They have some overlap with netflix, but netflix won't do "adult" material.
I joined Greencine in order to rent Mary Pickford's film The Love Light, because it wasn't available on netflix.
by Becky June 03, 2004
6 1
someone who tries to act cool but is actually a complete idiot.(aka-a nerd)
Our teacher is such a dipster when it comes to talking to us.
by Becky March 01, 2004
37 33
A wannabe's wannabe. When one is a poser.
That poser is wearing a shirt that says "PUNK"...how poserish.
by Becky April 19, 2005
6 3
Two people having sex with clothes on. AKA Dry humping.
We were dry bageling all night, no fluids were exchanged.
by becky April 12, 2005
5 2
Lets go behind the building so you can give me a fluty..Dont tell my girl
by Becky May 18, 2004
9 6