68 definitions by Becky

Rather tall nearly 6ft! Blonde and rather slow witted but exceptionally easy on the eyes. Netball and dance pro. HawT BEeEtCh
Becky:Don't you just love Mezafa?
by Becky April 11, 2005
to be sick with a virus such as the flu
flu, headcold, sickness, illness

I've got the caulimaugus for sure.
by Becky January 19, 2005
a more politically correct way of saying "holy fuck"
"Holy fucktros Becky...look at the size of his cock"
by Becky November 16, 2004
sometimes used to replace "shit" in a slang sorta way...
hoover, can you believe this shnaz'um?!
by Becky March 09, 2003
shyan is a pretty tubular person. oh yea, jane wants to know if youve seen her wig around, she feels naked without it. oph yea, i like moses and dancing like molly ringwald and the rest of the breakfast clubbers.
check out this move
by becky July 27, 2003
The person desires said thing/person. They plan to obtain/do it soon because it is good.
When Sally saw the gold crutch, she knew Little Timmy would be all over it.
by becky July 23, 2003
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