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Trying to ruin your day or moment by doing something childish, petty or immature - like some did in kindergarden.
Similar but to "bust your chops", "break your balls", etc but with the added element of doing something childish or immature.
"My neighbor is a ballbuster. He purposely ran his dog through my flowers because I wouldn't lend him my lawnmower."
"Don't worry he's just trying to break your crayons."
by bebopnjazz April 23, 2007
Noun - pronounced "eye em"patience

The feeling one gets watching the little pencil in the corner of an IM Chat box signaling a reply is in progress.
After Cyril asked Magali if she could lick her own nipple on facebook chat, he was overcome by IMpatience awaiting her reply.
by BeBopnJazz July 23, 2008
The original term for a player winning all four of the major tennis Championships (the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open during the same calendar year.

Recently, this term has been bastardized by the media and others to include bogus combinations such as "non-calendar year Grand Slam", "career Grand Slam" etc - but none equals the difficulty or rarity of achieving the only true Grand Slam.

Hence, it has only been achieved in Singles tennis play by two men and three women: Don Budge and Rod Laver (twice), and Brinker, Court and Steffi Graf, respectively.

Other sports use the term to portray winning all of the major championships in one calendar year (ie golf). In Baseball it refers to hitting a bases-loaded home run and in Contract Bridge it refers to winning all tricks in one hand.
Rod Laver is the only player in history to win the Tennis Grand Slam twice.
by BeBopnJazz June 08, 2009

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