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Rodney George ("Rod") Laver (born August 9, 1938, in Rockhampton, Australia) is a former tennis player from Australia who was the World No. 1 player for up to 7 consecutive years. More famously, he is the only player in tennis history to have twice won all four of tennis' Grand Slam singles titles in the same year—first as an amateur in 1962, and then again as a professional in 1969. Laver is considered by many tennis fans to be the greatest player of all time.

But all this ain't shit beside the "Lavers" shoes, wich are famous for the control they have on a footbag. Theses are worned by all the freestyle footbagers out there who respect themselves.
Footbager A : Damn boy you suck today you ain't even able to pull a ripwalk!
Footbager B : Yeah I know, I forgot my lavers.
Footbager A : I love you Rod Laver.
by Sweetsweetbackbadass December 11, 2006
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