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6 definitions by Bartlebee

The removal of female facial skin due to vigerous kissing with a guy with a lot of stubble. Seen by some as a badge of honor, courage, and committment.
After hours of mackin' on that dude at the movies, Berin got herself a little case of stubble burn.
by Bartlebee October 10, 2005
The piece in an Asian chess set that is also called a Castle.
My look took you prawn. I win!
by Bartlebee March 22, 2005
A dance/aerobic move used to display pleasure with one's self, to distract others, or to recover from a fall or stumble. Move is composed of the right leg being thrust back while the left leg is bent at the knee (similar to Warrior One Pose in Yoga). The arms are elevated at a 45 degree angle with fingers pointing straight (like how Superman flies.) Upon completion of this move, the mover yells out "Superstar!"

Comes from Molly Shannon skit on Saturday Night Live where she plays the neurotic Catholic schoolgirl Mary Katherine Gallagher.
After tripping on the carpet, Jym recovered with a great Superstar! move.
by Bartlebee October 11, 2005
Spooning where the back person is grossly overweight and the front person is not.
Hey Jennie, what's up with Margie ladling Steve at the company retreat? She was totally giving him the four on the floor reacharound.
by bartlebee November 17, 2005
Spooning for fat people.
Becky, did you see those sweaty hogs ladling on that bed at Sleep Country USA? Gross!
by bartlebee November 17, 2005
The lowest valued piece in an Asian chess set.
My prawn kills you queen.
by Bartlebee March 22, 2005