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Jym is your composure, your demeanour or your patience. for example if your the guy that gets overly excited/drunk and shows off in front of girls at a party thats a lack of Jym because you didn't play it cool.

If you loose your temper unnecessarily without valid reason thats a lack of Jym.
'that guy over there is way too drunk he's embarrassing himself in front of the girl he likes wheres his Jym?'
by Recé July 28, 2014
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Jym lives a Charlie Sheen life with the focus of Tiger Woods, the attitude of Tony Robins, the confidence of Sinatra, the luck of lady, ya I'm Jym Shady.
Jym is on Twitter getting weird.

Jym is on IG getting weirder.

Jym is in RL getting weirdest.
by murfer28 December 03, 2013

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