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when you are talking to another person and you just feel like yelling; or you can use it if there is an awkward silence.
anna: come here i need to tell you something
sam: ok...what?
anna: ok so you know that one guy in that movie BAHHH!!!!!!!!!
#excitment #happy #random #loud #awkward silences
by Anna & Sam February 23, 2007
The way this really messed up kid in my classes laugh!
Zak said something funny and Seth goes BAHHH!
by Arin July 21, 2004
a term used by the great and knowledgable Bard. Bard is a greek god of the mountains and enjoys playing PS2
when Bard called upon his religion of "Bardleys" to give them a holy message he calls "BAHHH" from the mountain's peak and his loyal worshipers spread word throughout the land
by Bard October 24, 2003
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