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noun: an individual who has no resources, and even less dignity...but has no hesitation in spending yours.
alvin is such a grueller, i lent him my vise-grips and duct tape to fix his car and he sold them for 2 dollars at Venice Beach! wtf?!
by sandspit September 11, 2007
Lazy Customers who complain and want you to jump through hoops over the smallest things
"He was a complete grueller when he asked me to give him his floppy drive for free"
by Jack Custard August 22, 2008
A term referring to an extremely arduous episode or event such as being involved in a car crash or meeting your boyfriends/girlfriends parents. Believed to be derived from gruel the watery soup provided in workhouses during Dickensian times ie "please sir can I have some more gruel?".
Geoff had an a absolute fucking grueller when his foreskin got caught in the car door!
by monkey boy February 04, 2005
Someone who consistently sees the bad side of a situation and attracts a negative vibe to themselves
Marc's such a fucking grueller. He sits at his desk and moans and gruells all day.
by TheGrueller August 22, 2008
A loser who never has any funds and is always looking to bum from a friend. Also used as a term of affection amongst pot-smokers (who often don't have any money and bum bong hits from their friends).
Jefe you're such a grueller, I can't believe you sucked down the last of my buds!
by Bard April 28, 2003
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