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huge friggin nipples!
Damn look at dem puffies!
by bh May 03, 2004
Fuhnana - ( Fuh - nuh - nuh)
adjective & verb

** Adjective
1. State of extreme sexual interest
2. Lustful
3. Having strong intimate desires

** Verb
1. To participate in intimate sexual activities
2. To give or receive sexual favors
3. The act of COMPLETELY satisfying someone's sexual needs

~ "Fuhnana" can also be spelled "Fuhnanaa" in cases when libido is raging
adjective- # I can't help it but I'm so fuhnana right now.

verb- # Get ready because I am going to fuhnana you all night.
by bH February 08, 2012
another term for a penis; also an insult to someone you hate
Man, Russel is such a schaboinker
by BH October 09, 2003
Getting a haircut in Montana.
I am going to get my rug busted.
by BH June 15, 2003
Slang term for male genitalia.
He whipped out his fusion launcher.
by BH October 25, 2003
xaez is my idol man!
by bh June 24, 2003
A fuckin varient, it seems, to the blaster virus. RUN!
I got sasser and my computer keeps rebootin
by bh May 03, 2004

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