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9 definitions by BH

huge friggin nipples!
Damn look at dem puffies!
by bh May 03, 2004
Fuhnana - ( Fuh - nuh - nuh)
adjective & verb

** Adjective
1. State of extreme sexual interest
2. Lustful
3. Having strong intimate desires

** Verb
1. To participate in intimate sexual activities
2. To give or receive sexual favors
3. The act of COMPLETELY satisfying someone's sexual needs

~ "Fuhnana" can also be spelled "Fuhnanaa" in cases when libido is raging
adjective- # I can't help it but I'm so fuhnana right now.

verb- # Get ready because I am going to fuhnana you all night.
by bH February 08, 2012
another term for a penis; also an insult to someone you hate
Man, Russel is such a schaboinker
by BH October 09, 2003
Getting a haircut in Montana.
I am going to get my rug busted.
by BH June 15, 2003
Slang term for male genitalia.
He whipped out his fusion launcher.
by BH October 25, 2003
A fuckin varient, it seems, to the blaster virus. RUN!
I got sasser and my computer keeps rebootin
by bh May 03, 2004
xaez is my idol man!
by bh June 24, 2003