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Said of female nipples that stand out notably.
This is not your usual nipple reacting to cold, but a fat, turgid, pointy, fearless, suck-till-you-drop nipple.
She's got no tits, but she's got an awesome set of puffies!
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
Descriptive of a woman's breasts when the nipple and areola are "puffed" outward, creating a very sexy appearance. Looks best when the areolas are dark. Brunettes in Warwick, Rhode Island tend to have very dark areolas and thus have puffies
Damn, Tracy has some knockout puffies!
by puhfeeez October 18, 2003
Nipples, (normally associated with women) that are unusually puffy, and as such, are very suckable.
Big "puffies" always give me a chubby.
by Buckwheat July 21, 2003
Breasts which have herniated nipple/areola complexes. A moderate degree of such herniation might produce a hemispherical appearance as if half a table tennis ball had been implanted under the skin.

Although this is technically a defect, many apparently find it sexually attractive, even intriguing.

Unless it is extreme, progressive, or of great concern to the patient, no remediation is normally indicated.
I love the puffies on that girl. I wonder, if I sucked them really hard, would they get even bigger?
by jawbone December 13, 2009
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