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1.an insult
2.an answer to any question,
3.my alter-ego on the internet.
4.best type of joke/insult ever.

also used for yelling at people on TV when they ask obvious questions.
Random person: That bag is ugly.
Me: Your mom is ugly.

Random person:What is that thing on your face?
Me:Your mom.

Internet person: Who are you?
Me: Your mom.

Your mom is so stupid, she thinks fruit punch is a gay boxer!
by Aya-kun August 11, 2004
1a. a person who is a fan of Stargate, either the movie, the TV show SG-1, Stargate:Atlantis, or all three. (or just two out of the three.)

1b. a member of a secret bulletin board hidden in the depths of the internet. This bboard...well, lets just say...
by aya-kun March 24, 2005
the answer to a phonecall by a telemarketer
Idiot telemarketer: Hello, is -insert mispronounced name- there?
Me: I'm sorry, it they/he/she) died.
by Aya-kun February 29, 2004
Ha! He was in three:
-Stargate: SG-1
Everyone ALWAYS forgets Legacy. like all MacGyver fans forget about ALF
Probably because Legacy only lasted 1 season.

RDA, lately, has starred on Stargate: SG-1 as Colonel Jack O'Neill. But, that will shortly end. Why? Because he wants to spend more time with his daughter, so he's screwing the series. After 7 years, too!

To those in SG communities: I'm SSCarter. I've probably joined your BBoard, so say hi to me!
A friend of mine saw Richard Dean Anderson in the airport and went up to him and said hi. Isn't that awesome? this was before Stargate, though.
by Aya-kun February 26, 2004
origin: came from www.megatokyo.com
..at least, sort of. it's on the creator's art site, www.fredart.com
1. ph34r t3h cute ones pic. it's what the girl it's holding.
i want a c|-|1b1 |<1ll5+1c|<!!!!
by Aya-kun November 10, 2004
Like Osama yo mama. Made by the same people, too. Thing is, JESSICA's retired in Canada, and The Knee The Arm gots lost in my house. No worries, though. There's going to be a replacement. I'm searching.
Sadam your mom! Sadam your mom!
by Aya-kun August 01, 2004

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