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What happens to a chicks nipples after you cum on them and then allow it to dry and harden.
After the cum dried on her tits she had crunchy nipples the rest of the night.
by Assbark April 01, 2010
What happens to you when you don't shower for few days and the sweat and dirt collaborate on your ballsack making them crunchy.
I got crunchy balls from my dirty nut sack .
by Assbark January 30, 2010
Is what you have to go on when u go down on a chick and realize her pussy hair is out of control and looks like a jungle.
I had to go on a cooter safari to just to be able to find the opening to her pussy.
by Assbark April 01, 2010
What happens when a woman's cooter gets infested with fleas.
She is scratching cause she has cooter fleas,
by Assbark April 01, 2010
The type of genital crabs that chicks get in there vagina.
That chick I fucked last night gave me her cooter crabs.
by Assbark April 01, 2010
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