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nice, angel, perfect,etc. etc. etc....
You are such an avis
by ashton March 21, 2004
walking perfection
Bert McCracken is beautiful.
by Ashton November 17, 2003
A Bro is a guy who wairs his hat curled up and sideways. He drives a huge lifted truck and works out constantly... but only on his biceps. he is probably wairing a black famous shirt to cover his beer belly from drinking too much out in the desert.
dude... bro it matters not
by ashton April 18, 2005
Someone who does good stuff for you in the hopes that one might be suddenly endowed with all the wealth and generosity that you could possibly give (and usually are disappointed)
MAC: Dude, that guy gave you a brand-new Mini Cooper S with supercharger and NOS intake apertures?!
BILL: Man, what a suck-up, I know. He just wants me to let him date my sister. Like that'll ever happen, HA! But nice car anyway, so thanks to him!
by Ashton January 15, 2003
an overly slick or oily penis
1) damn, he had one juicy clutch
2) I happen to enjoy big juicy clutches
by Ashton February 04, 2005
noun. a subject that does not belong with others.
Why is she even here? She's a tabooki.
by Ashton February 14, 2004
Word describing someone who enjoys having avid anal sex.
OMFG he is such a poopdick.
Man, that Josh is such a poopdick.
by Ashton June 18, 2004
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