28 definitions by Arran

A crash that occurs often on a Windows 95 based machine (ie Windows 98, 98Se, and ME)
by Arran August 03, 2003
1) Golf term, putting the ball into the hole 3 strokes under par.

2) A type of bird. Said to bring bad luck to anyone who shoots it.
1) Alright! Albatross!
by Arran January 03, 2005
LGPL, a form of GPL but not licencing the whole product under the GPL but a section of it.
by Arran October 03, 2003
A site with Everything on it
Have you seen the How To Archive on everything2.com?
by Arran August 03, 2003
A linux distro incorrectly spelt, Debian
by Arran August 03, 2003
Take Note Of That
<arran> www.urbandictionary.com <-- TNOT!
by Arran October 14, 2003
An internet comic
by Arran August 03, 2003
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