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Something created to scare people by telling them something bad will happen if they don't send it to the desired amount of people. It is sent on by stupid vunerable people.
A recent example:

Sorry dont open in front of parents 5 ppl acually got killed by not sending this this piece of mail the creator of this mail has a program that will track down everyone who sent this and whoever that didnt send this will die cuz this program can actually track down ur address Send this to 15 people
no send bks

(How does the writer know that it has killed 5 people before he/she has even sent it?)
by Arran January 09, 2005
Slightly less formal word for 'obese'.
Look at the size of that fat bastard!
by Arran January 03, 2005
Change Directory
CD /dev
by Arran August 04, 2003
What UrbanDictionary keeps on asking me to do!
Ok i give up, i will click your link!
by Arran August 03, 2003
A linux distro
Im going to try install debain.. again..
by Arran August 03, 2003
A crash that occurs often on a Windows 95 based machine (ie Windows 98, 98Se, and ME)
by Arran August 03, 2003
Golf term, hitting the ball into the hole with a single stroke.
ALRIGHT! Hole in one!
by Arran January 03, 2005

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