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The person that gets a female pregnant but doesn't help her with the child in any way, shape, or form. In some cases they don't acknowledge the child at all.
I saw my sperm donor today. He came by to see my daughter and had the nerve to be empty handed.
by Arlene August 27, 2003
a large tough woman
Jo is a tita you don't want to mess with...
by Arlene August 07, 2003
a hole.....
I have a puka in my shirt.
by Arlene July 25, 2003
something a person is when they don't think.
He's a babooze for thinking he wouldn't get struck by lightning twice.
by Arlene July 25, 2003
an expression when one is devestated.
"oh snukkers man i can't believe i failed my test!"
by arlene September 17, 2005
nothing; empty
Vin Diesel has a bolo head.
by Arlene August 25, 2003
brother or close friend
Hey my blalah neva come yet....
by Arlene August 21, 2003
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