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a hole.....
I have a puka in my shirt.
by Arlene July 25, 2003
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Means arse(ass) in sinhala.
dude look at that big puka.
by Dishan May 15, 2007
marijuana that has been turned into hemp rope, but is smoked anyways

also spelled pukkah
Hey man, take a good hit off this bong. I packed it full of some fucked up puka shit
by P09U3R December 05, 2003
japanese candy that is supposedly tasty and can be bought at best buy or sam goody (im not sure which one)
Hey man, after smokin' a pound of pukkah, i had the munchies so i ate some puka.
by P09U3R December 05, 2003
i have a puka at my rear
by yendukraa October 25, 2003

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