6 definitions by Ape

a problematic individual, that steals REGARDLESS OF RACE
You blackass stop stealin' cheese from my fridge
by ape January 04, 2004
a wallaboo is a slang term for a nasty ass ho
look at megan, she is one hell of a wallaboo
by ape March 17, 2005
A Trailer park
Andrew lives in a t-park.
by Ape December 15, 2002
odd shaped statue of venus, thin, large feet
by ape August 19, 2003
leet, great and owning like hell. This is the stuff for RaGe.
RaGe really owns FPS
by Ape August 31, 2003
something that caused a 10 minute argument between a bunch of fucktards
<splint077> irish person is still irish
<Z> You're fucking morons
<GoKuh> splint is right.
<DarthMan> Not if he's a citizen. It's not that difficult
<Z> Your original citizenship is your nationality, idiots
by Ape January 11, 2003

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