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6 definitions by ape

a problematic individual, that steals REGARDLESS OF RACE
You blackass stop stealin' cheese from my fridge
by ape January 04, 2004
81 37
a wallaboo is a slang term for a nasty ass ho
look at megan, she is one hell of a wallaboo
by ape March 17, 2005
8 2
A Trailer park
Andrew lives in a t-park.
by Ape December 15, 2002
9 3
odd shaped statue of venus, thin, large feet
by ape August 19, 2003
2 2
leet, great and owning like hell. This is the stuff for RaGe.
RaGe really owns FPS
by Ape August 31, 2003
16 24
something that caused a 10 minute argument between a bunch of fucktards
<splint077> irish person is still irish
<Z> You're fucking morons
<GoKuh> splint is right.
<DarthMan> Not if he's a citizen. It's not that difficult
<Z> Your original citizenship is your nationality, idiots
by Ape January 11, 2003
19 31