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An awkward, lame beach-goer.
A poser who tries to look like he surfs or swims, yet flails around in a helpless panic when he gets in the water.
by Anomaly February 20, 2005
A lover of cryptic words
Lexophiles do it with letters.
by Anomaly July 05, 2005
The state of being both a ho and a retard.
Damn, girl, you're a fucking hotard!
by Anomaly July 04, 2005
Drunk on cheap beer, such as Schlitz.
Your mom and I got schlitzed last night at my place.
by Anomaly June 30, 2005
One who is shit-faced on cheap booze, such as Schlitz beer.
The girl at Snake and Jake's was so schlitz-faced that she fell off her barstool without provocation.
by Anomaly June 27, 2005
Coiner of new words.
Urban dictionary is an oasis for neologues.
by Anomaly July 05, 2005
Southern slang for "your"
Hey kids, are these all y'all's pork rinds?
by Anomaly July 04, 2005
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