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(n.) The best there is, the cream of creams.
this mail order bride is the creme de la creme! She dosen't speak english, never whines, does all the housework and fucks like a whore in the bedroom.
by kung-fu jesus August 17, 2004
THIS is the actual phrase defined by: top of the line, best of the best, above all; highest quality
Rolex is the crème de la crème of watches

This is the correct spelling. It's the crème de la crème of phrases, UNLIKE WHEN RYAN HEINTZ SPELLED IT "CRIM DELLA CRIM", THAT IS WRONG. Crim della crim is wrong.
by linalinalove4 May 17, 2016
the mixing of breastmilk and ejaculate dispersed across a woman's bosom.
Nima: Ay bro lets rage it.
J: naw, i think i'ma creme de la creme this bitch.
by J Rated April 04, 2008
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