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The coolest last name ever. Bill and Tom of Tokio Hotel were loved enough by god to get this last name, aren't they lucky? Everyone for some reason keeps saying it like "cow licks" but that is not how you say it.
Cayden: Who is that guy with the hair?

Serah: Oh his name is Bill kaulitz.
Cayden: That's a cool last name!
Serah: I know!
by Angeleyeslullaby August 16, 2009
A last name that originated from a small town in Spain. People with this last name may get made fun of as a child because kids can never say it, so they may call them "rent-a-house" or "rent-a-car."
Person: Hi, what's your name?
Person #2: Jasmine Renteria.
Person: Can I just say Jasmine Rent-a-car? It sounds easier.
by Angeleyeslullaby August 16, 2009
Stands for "fucking annoying as hell" and you can say it in a polite way where no one has any idea what you are calling them. And if they ask you what it means simply say, "fucking attractive as hell." Great cover up and insult.
Cayden: You are so faah Kassandra.
Kassandra: What does faah mean?
Cayden: Oh fucking attractive as hell.
Kassandra: Aw, Cayden thanks!
Cayden: (thinks to himself) No you idiot. It means fucking annoying as hell. (laughs out loud)
by Angeleyeslullaby August 16, 2009
When its passed midnight but not light out yet, or when two people are saying goodbye but its daylight for one and night for the other. It also sounds so much better than saying "good night or morning or whatever" It eliminates complication. Made by Bill Kaulitz to use for as a goodbye for ims with internet friends.
Alexz: Its 3am. I'm so tired, I'll talk to you later because I'm going to bed.
Bill: Its only noon for me, but okay.
Alexz: Mornight =]
Bill: Mornight =]]
by Angeleyeslullaby August 16, 2009
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