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An expression of farewell used in parting at 12:00AM or later; or in the morning before daylight.
Ken: Wow its late
Nick: Yes i think so, too.
Ken: Alright, good mornight, Nick.
Nick: Good mornight, Ken.
by DeSniper January 02, 2009
Morning time when you're sleeping after having a long conversation, session with your intimate partner.
I loved every bit of this night, now let's get some sleep.. Good Mornight hun!
by TheTAMAS August 13, 2015
"Mornight" is when it's morning and you're about to sleep. You don't want to say, "Good night" or "Good Morning" so, "Good Mornight."
*7 A.m.* Damn, I stayed up all night watching Breaking Bad because I'm totally not addicted. Good Mornight, guys.
by Caattt Maannn April 24, 2015
A greeting to someone who is in the opposite time zone as yours. Combined words of morning and night.
Good mornight Leonald! This is my greeting to my friend when I wake up...when it's night where he is. Before, Iwill automatically say good morning then he corrects's night here Babe! Oopps then I thought of mornight!
by LadyKaratbars January 25, 2014
Saying goodbye to your friends when it is in between morning and night after 11:59 PM.
Jack: It is getting late. Good night XOXO.
Grace: You mean good mornight? xD
by JC_Agga January 07, 2012
When its passed midnight but not light out yet, or when two people are saying goodbye but its daylight for one and night for the other. It also sounds so much better than saying "good night or morning or whatever" It eliminates complication. Made by Bill Kaulitz to use for as a goodbye for ims with internet friends.
Alexz: Its 3am. I'm so tired, I'll talk to you later because I'm going to bed.
Bill: Its only noon for me, but okay.
Alexz: Mornight =]
Bill: Mornight =]]
by Angeleyeslullaby August 16, 2009
A greeting used during the time period between 1-3 a.m. where it isn't morning but not the middle of the night.
Good mornight Bob.
Good mornight Jack.
by KNG February 06, 2010
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