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Kassandra is another word for someone who is amazing
Kick ass
with out a doubt the most beautiful girl on the face of the earth
And she is the best girlfriend a guy could ask for
if I were to go on about how awesome this girl is
it would take forever
So in short a Kassandra would be the girl you are in total love with
No doubt
Nothing can explain Kassandra
by Robby!!!! January 09, 2007
Kassandra's are also super competitive and hate to lose but they are not sore-losers and they are all about the team and hate show offs. they also put everyone before them, and will do or give up anything to make somebody happy. they are very loyal friends and will always be their for you even when you are in the wrong. they aren't good at telling people what they really think and tend to stay in friendships,relationships, and situations that they are unhappy with because they don't want to hurt somebodies feelings. overall Kassandra's are honestly the best friends,girlfriends, you will ever have. they are kind, loving, considerate, intelligent, athletic, and are also amazing in bed... and i mean AMAZING! but they don't always stick with just one person or one gender. and can also get very jealous and expect a lot from their significant other, but it is way worth it to wake up in the morning and have them laying beside you to say i love you. *when a Kassandra says i love you they always mean it and they don't through it around like its nothing, love means a lot to them. and they do not deal well with a loss or death of somebody close. if a Kassandra is hurt or upset although they won't ask or want to talk about it at first, what they really want is for someone they love it just hold them while they cry and then talk about their feelings and thoughts. whatever you do don't let a Kassandra go out of your life. and if you are in love with one.. tell them before its to late.
I am in love with a Kassandra, and we have the most amazing sex.
by sukher4luv June 27, 2011
Kassandra's are usually shy and quiet when they first meet people but as they get to know someone they will begin to trust them and be more comfortable around them. they are usually hilarious and can make you laugh or smile by just looking at them. they very cute and have super sexy bodies (ass ;) ) they are sometimes self conscious and need to be told that they are beautiful regularly. they don't like to open up to people even though they fall in love very easily. when something is wrong or bothering them they keep it inside and sometimes inflict self pain or find a way that doesn't hurt other people, especially that they care about. when they do talk to people about what they feel or are thinking about they tend to get emotional which is surprising because they don't show a lot of emotions.
person 1: i am in love with a Kassandra but she is shy and i don't know if she loves me back.

person 2: just tell her, Kassandra's are super understanding she won't tell anyone if she doesn't love you. and if she does she will be the best girlfriend. just tell her.
by sukher4luv June 27, 2011
my best friend, my sister, my life. can make someone laugh at all times no matter what, amazing smile, and the greatest life. great heart, not a morning person one bit, great personality, very strong at keeping her self esteem strong. you meet her, you love her. period
by gagaforgaga3634646 February 05, 2010
--A complete dare-devil that will do anything for the show to go on.

Ohh, and she is completley and totally BEAUTIFUL !
"Boy 1" OMG! Did you see that girl pass by? She ihs defintley a Kassandra.

"Boy 2" Woahh, i HAVE to get those digits!
by Cassssieeeeee December 19, 2008
1. A girl that gives great hugs.

2. A girl that you"ll fall in love with, the moment you hear her laugh.

3. A girl with those 30-minute eyes that you could stare into all day long.

4. A girl that gets so hyper she humps the air.

5. A girl with an amazing body.

6. A girl that say she loves you and means it.

7. A girl that is that one in a million, that satnds out in any crowd.

8. A girl "That is your flower of light, that gives you the strength and the will to carry on in the field of darkness."

9. A girl that will stand by your side through thick and thin; When you need her the most or just not at all.

10. A girl that isn't just a girl.
My girlfriend is such a Kassandra!!!!
by bch5890 July 10, 2011
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