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a person that continuously likes to hump someone, aka katie bischoff.
Someone who cannot live without hardcore humping.
Mom the humpdiddleree is after me !!! AHHH HELP
kt: its ok it wont be long

LOL JK i love you katie !! -- funny stuff though (insider)
by angela January 28, 2005
someone whos got a lot of work(freaks), but they are not a hoe. basically pimpin hella niggas at one time, not necessarily fuckin them
Janan and Angela are the queen work masters. we got hella niggas on our team.
by angela March 15, 2004
Sexiest man alive only found at NCSU....need I say more
I saw Shen and fainted....his outer beauty just sent me to a comma...that hot!!!
by Angela February 02, 2004
a strong suggestion to avoid a person at all costs.
Behind Susie's back Wilkie formed the two-fingered x sign above her head - blackflagging her in no uncertain terms to Jimmy who had approached unsuspectingly with the intention of spading her.
by angela June 06, 2003
a very lame lie - where the person telling the lie sadly and quite erroneously believes that they have convinced the person hearing the lie of it's truth.
Pete failed to convince again as he told yet another shameless barrold.
by angela June 06, 2003
in printer terms, the worst job to be printing... in other words, corrupted files, jacked-up fonts, misplaced images, crappy photos, and past deadline-drops.
"Gone to print Mistake Daily; God knows when I'll be back home!"
by Angela October 20, 2001
a n00b, but even dumber.
that guy is such a supern00b, look at him go ^^
by angela October 02, 2006

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