69 definitions by Angela

a game dat boys and gurls play wit boys he dips in her a few times then moves on.
Mariah and james was in the locker room wit their pants down playing dip set.
by Angela March 26, 2005
when a boy try to run game on a gurl wit his so called talk that is supposed to attract her.
He came up to me and tryed to give me dat breezy talk.
by Angela March 26, 2005
The subject used in highschools to prevent worthless morons who don't deserve to live from feeling like they are smart.
A task that can only not be completed by people without a fully functioning brain.
The subject in school that will actually get you a high paying job.
Since I didn't drop math I'll actually go to a good university
by Angela February 02, 2004
has a hotttt lead singer. used to be good. now they're on mtv.
wtf is tbs doing on mtv?
by Angela February 08, 2005
A person of African American heritage.
Why is that wolf tree'in me?
by Angela December 30, 2004
he pulled that one hitter quitter on me cauze brother ain't been back sin
he pulled dat one hitter quiter cause brotha ain't been back since he got dat ass
by Angela March 26, 2005
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