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Something filled with a fluid substance, such as water.
These grapes are waterful.
by Angela February 27, 2005
A person who thinks he is black but is not eve close to being it.. also look at wigger
Don't be sahag!
by Angela April 26, 2004
deflicted means retarded
you are so diflicted
by Angela March 30, 2005
1. home of the haxxor.
1. let's play kalonline - btw don't forget to run the speedhack or we won't be able to level what with all the assassin speedhacker one-hit-killers running round pking us.
by angela February 14, 2005
Someone who claims they dont cheat when everyone else knows that they do.
Oh look fr34kout has been iced...again. How sad.
by angela October 15, 2004
an insult used when little children are around. You've heard of soft porn, well, this is a soft 'curse'.
W: What! You didn't tell me your mom was comming over today!
M: Yes I bloody well did!
W: Beleive me you quarkus, I'd remember if you had!
by Angela April 18, 2003
(noun) A game in which there are Brynn, Karen, and Angela characters. There must be a ball, a sacrifice, and couches available. The point of the game is to hit the ball as weirdly as you can. Angela's position is to "kill Brynn." Karen? She mostly keeps the game going. And Brynn does the sacrificial business. When the ball falls onto the couch, this is called a "Couch Ball," in which you must jump and throw the ball under your legs and make native callings upon the heaven.
Angela: Kill Brynn!!!
Karen: Baka baka.
Brynn: Couch Ball. *jump*
Angela: Hmm..
Karen: sldafjlsjdfl
by Angela March 06, 2005

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